I am an experienced (5+ years) Swift and Objective-C developer in Berlin, Germany. I currently work as a freelance iOS developer and consultant for companies around the world on a remote basis, or on-site in Berlin and the surrounding areas.

After earning a degree in Physics at UC Berkeley, I have had the opportunity to work in San Francisco and Berlin to build several great iOS apps which were featured in Apple's WWDC keynote, regularly ranked in the Top 50, or were featured by Apple in the Apps of the Week or Best New Apps categories.

On the side, I built and run my own app, LineUp, which, since 2012, has regularly ranked in the Top 50 - Productivity (Grossing) category. I release regular updates and use LineUp as a testbed for the latest and greatest iOS techniques.

I am looking for new clients. My goal is to meet and work with interesting people, build their early stage products and MVPs, and find time to do the same for myself. If you think we would be a good match working together, please get in touch!


I have been fortunate to work on some great native (mostly Swift now, but previously lots of Objective-C) iOS apps for myself, clients, and employers. Several of these apps also involved Ruby on Rails backend work. You can find some recommendations given to me for this work on my LinkedIn profile.

Please note: With the exception of LineUp, which I own, I am no longer involved in the active development or maintenance of these apps, since they belong to previous employers or clients. All intellectual property rights remain with the apps' respective owners.