Erik Stromlund

I am currently available for new work, either remote or in Berlin.

I would love to talk with you about how I can help build your iOS app -- get in touch!

[email protected]

About me

I am a software engineer and entrepreneur living in Berlin. I created LineUp and work with others to create their own apps. In my free time, I play water polo, travel, and work on products at fathomworks. I am a graduate of UC Berkeley, where I majored in Physics and German.


I make iOS apps for myself, for employers, and for clients. The development of these apps included the native iOS client, as well as Ruby (mostly Rails) backend work. Here is a sampling of those apps:

Please note: With the exception of LineUp, which I own, I am no longer involved in the active development or maintenance of these apps, since they belong to previous employers or clients. All intellectual property rights remain with the apps' respective owners.